i did it!

ok, so i did it! :) logged a 5k jog today!! starting to follow this asics plan scedule thingy (http://my.asics.co.uk/my) from today. though it’s supposed to be a jog according to my schedule…it was a RUN, really!! lol so unfit!!

next thing i gotta do now is curb my diet..my stomach’s expanded so much cos of cny…i’m so used to overeating manz. my weight has gone back to pre-falling ill + 1 kg, true reflection of really how much i’ve been eating..tt’s like an addition of 5 whole kg in just the past one n half weeks or so.

this evening’s dinner made me a 130% full. really hate wasting food so i try to finish up wadever’s on my plate. gotta be able to estimate better..
and doesnt help that i love coookies and chocolate soooo mcuh!!!! and i have them lying all over the place…including a whole box of oreos by my bedside table :/

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