a few runs and first injury!!

18 feb 2011 fri, 40min morning jog before going to hosp! i actually managed to wake up!! *beams* :D 5.05km, 7:54pace

20 feb 2011 sun, 15k, 8:00 paced run to holland v and back..BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS (literally!..though tears not really related to the run/fall..some other stuff rawrs!!urghh! (lols retrospectively...kind of la :/..haha) i fell down for the first time in my life while running... but thank God it's just abrasions... nothing too organic!

abrasions to hand, knuckles, knees and elbow (forgot to picture the elbow)- post injury day 1

dad saw the wounds, particularly the elbow one, and felt it was infected- cos it was dusky and not the usual colour it should be, so i was started on cipro. he also felt i shd cover up the wounds when i go to the hosp to prevent the bugs from getting to it...i may say it really takes extra effort, very mahfan, just to paste cream all over and cover them up, only to have the plasters come off, and then apply them on again!!! got the opsite spray for flexures..darn pharmacist reassured me i could use it for open wounds...but no way man, it stings like hell!! today cos i was rushiing to school, i had to spray it on the bus, and omg it was damn damn bad. i purposely moved from a seat facing the bus, to one facing the front, so less pple wld see me. the plasters too are rather ineffective in keeping fluids out. i alcohol rubbed my hands this morning after seeing a patient..and omg tt's 70% alcohol on my little finger wound (top 2nd picture)..super painfull!! and today is already day 3! :'(

22 feb 2011 tues, 0% incline treadmill pacing run! 10.14km, 6:58 (baseline) pace! 8.5km/h in order to achieve a faster pace and complete 10k in 70mins! (usu will take 80mins). Managed to bump up the pace the last few mins, and so ran another 100m more within 70mins! PR thus far! Admittedly, this was a hard run!! but it got a lot easier past the 40min mark! :)

23 feb 2011 wed, 35min run, 4.78kkm, 7:19pace . started off really tired already and with half a mind to even be lazy and not run..anyways, thank God, did L3 hill intervals at 8.5km/h. during last 3 mins, i increased the speed, and managed to reach 10km/h :D during last 1-2 min or so (cant rmb!!) prob shd try to do these fast intervals for a longer time..5 mins? anyway, super sad! :( i accidentally synced this run to my mom's nike+ account..so it's not on my nike+ log..sad!!!!

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