26 feb 2011

tiredd today +++ no idea why, school’s not been tough
rested for two whole days fro any exercise
so anyway after 2hrs of ai on channel 8 (lol)
dragged myself to the gym and clocked in 2hrs :)
kinda a half hearted workout i must say, but nonetheless, better than none

did 50mins with motiontraxx cycling intervals
then a 30mins anyhow ‘cv workout’ mode on the treadmill..was really really messy
anyhow increase and decrease speed, but tried to focus on cadence..my comfortable cadence is about 160, even when i push harder, stil 160!! unless i push really really really hard, then 180, which is the ideal, according to this ebook (free!) i was reading
anyway, then finished off with weights. gym station was under maintenance so made do with the mini dumbbells.

btw, wounds still burning :( but i finally realised why it hasnt healed yet..i’ve been blinding putting cream on it, didnt even stop to think what’s in the cream apart from abx…steriod!! reduces inflammation but also retards wound healing…urghh so dumb man me…

lols, oh wells hope it heals soon! :)

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