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9.3k and a surprise!!

came back from my run to…. a dark room, with a mysterious box and a lighted candle… a shadow moved under my table…..was it my maid cleaning the floor??? at close to 11pm??? but she just opened the door for … Continue reading

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ahh…forgot to add “fall asleep” but nvmm, i WILL NOT spend another 2o mins trying to create that piechart again!!! when i write “formatting”,  what i really mean is “formating, and formating and reformating, and reformatting and …. etc”!!!!! doesnt … Continue reading

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25 seconds interval strides tiring!!! who knew just 25 secs of strides wld be so tough???? zomggg but….then again, shiokness max!! managed to drag myself out of the house hehe :) did this set around the perimeter of my condo

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ooo i ran a 100km in my new shoes alr!!!!! ok i think i’ve spent too long on the comp!! back to studying paeds…this is final year, day 4,,,,

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trying out the programme! run to sg poly sign and back

LEG STRENGTH  Visit miCoach 23 Jun 2011 18:44:04 RATING: COACH’S FEEDBACK Work on maintaining the Blue Zone consistently and you should see your performance in higher zones improve. NOTES trying out my first custom made run, oo actually on 2nd … Continue reading

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assesment workout

  ASSESSMENT WORKOUT  Visit miCoach 23 Jun 2011 18:29:28 RATING: COACH’S FEEDBACK The Assessment Workout personalizes your heart rate and/or pace zones. Great job! miCoach updated your heart rate zones. Your Top of Green is 169 BPM and your Top … Continue reading

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back from US, and my first half marathon COMPLETED!

so it’s been abt a week since i got back from the states. it was an awesome trip, and of cos, YAY i conquered my virgin attempt at a PAID race. yes, in caps, very painful for my wallet…100bucks!! for … Continue reading

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