back from US, and my first half marathon COMPLETED!

so it’s been abt a week since i got back from the states. it was an awesome trip, and of cos, YAY i conquered my virgin attempt at a PAID race. yes, in caps, very painful for my wallet…100bucks!! for a poor student like me!!!!

completed it in 2:22:43!! my best ever timing!!

been v lazy ever since, havent ran at all..maybe just once. it’s been abt 5 weeks since then. so anyway, got off my butt today and got on the road.

but mainly to try out my new toy……the adidas micoach!!!!!! w0oot…

but kinda a disappointment i must say…

1. micoach has too many little parts…HRM, strap, little pod thingy… i think i might lose one part soon! doesnt help that the aux cable they supplied was super short..pretty much had to hold it with my ipod touch while running…
it’s a hassle really, wire from pod to ipod touch, wire from ipod touch to headphones…..

2. strapping on the HRM is quite a pain…what if i wanna just go running somewhere, right away, where it’s not convenient to find a place to change and strap the HRM on? and…i have to wet the HRM to get it working…what if i cant find water anywhere?? use what….saliva ar…??? lol haha

3. i’m a very visual person. micoach doesnt give me the REALTIME feedback i want. the nike+ on the other hand, gives me both audio AND visual feedback, in the form of not only time and distance, but PACE as well. micoach just gives me audio feedback, and just time, distance…and calories…like i dont really need to know how hard it is to just burn one calorie!?!?! infact i rather not know at all. would be good if they could tell me the pace i’m at, or at least my current HR!! like what other use is the HRM for????

conclusion: guess i’ll be running with BOTH my nike+ and micoach for a while. just bought a new nike+ sensor before leaving for the US. it should last me a while…

anw, gonna change my coaching method to “pace” based..wonder what the difference is?

EDIT: OMG i realise i CAN change the setting to what realtime update i want!!! ok i’m loving this device already!! <3

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