trying out the programme! run to sg poly sign and back

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23 Jun 2011 18:44:04
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Work on maintaining the Blue Zone consistently and you should see your performance in higher zones improve.

trying out my first custom made run, oo actually on 2nd thought, i think the micoach is not bad afterall… the analysis it gives is amazing… managed to hit ave HR of 177, and only managed to hit the red HR zone on from the 3rd set onwards! cool starting to love this thingum! giving this a rating of 5 stars!! aww man…saw the feedback micoach gave me…22%!!! tt’s a FAIL!!! wot????? why is it bad that i go above the blue zone when i can????? but then again, only after i actually listened and got my HR down to the blue zone, then i started to really be able to hit the red zone…. hmmmmm
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23 Jun 2011 19:29:00
RATING:1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
This is a Free Workout so there is no feedback from miCoach.

this is a unplanned “free run” in micoach lingo.. was basically the remainder of my run back home when my leg strngthening interval run finishedd oh and i’m realising this programme not only tells me my ave heart rate, and pace, but also my cadence! rating 4 for the coolness of this programme!

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