9.3k and a surprise!!

came back from my run to….

a dark room, with a mysterious box and a lighted candle…
a shadow moved under my table…..was it my maid cleaning the floor??? at close to 11pm??? but she just opened the door for me, didnt she?….so weirdd….

THEN all of a sudden….some dark shadows came out from behind my door…some from behind my bed..some from i also dunno where…
“SURPRISE!!!” omg it was my girls, surprising me for my 23rd birthday…which was like almost a month ago while i was in US!!

omgggg so touched..and like after all my angst, stress from starting year 5..they still are like the BESTEST.. through my ups and my downs

HAHA ok, so that was my horror-story style account (not so much of a writer as you can tell…) of one of the sweetest things my girls have done for me. THANK YOU MY LOVES <3 i cant say enough..
and then there was cupcakes, a lovely bag and a dress, and macs dooble cheeseburger! sighh omg thks girls! <3 but you know, nothing just beats even the thought of this!! didnt really need all the gifts!!!!! thanks all the same!! <3<3


my run today was a “steady state threshold run”, omg it was HARD
found it hard to keep a green zone, and much less even get to a yellow zone
i just changed my zones to match against my pace, but it’s proving to be a lil too challenging!! haha i think i might change it back to HR…. but then again, the challenge is pretty enticing…haha ok we’ll see how…

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