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x- training fridayy cycling to clementi!

had to go to the optician to pick up some contact lens solution, so decided to cycle there for some cross training… strapped on my micoach, and was on my way! this time round, micoach was fine, batt was enough, … Continue reading

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treadmill thursdayy

yest’s rest jungle trek turned out to be quite a workout after all. totally CRASHED after that, when i got home from bible study, i immediately fell asleep around 11pm plus. had to even crawl out of bed this morning! … Continue reading

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jungle trekking with mom and new accessories for lime!

rest day wednesday! did an easy jungle trek through the south view path of bt timah nature reserve with mom i bought a bike pump for lime today! and new lights! since the old one’s not really workinn anymore, the … Continue reading

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30mins spins, ez curl bar

did a 30min spinning routine today: 6 mins seated flat warm up 3 mins standing turns 1 min recovery 15 secs seated sprints for 3 mins 4 mins seated flat with arm workouts learnt from spinning class! 4 mins standing … Continue reading

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zomg i love squash sooooo v mucchh! played with thengwai and zhencong today, had a really good and fun time, and omg i really really love my good ol trusty racket today it hit me that i’d be so lost … Continue reading

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skipped my 90min run!!! :S just lazy, been falling asleep since the whole morning, up till now…. prob gonna rebond my hair tmr, so that’s like no exercising for the next 3 days- forced rest! haha which is good i … Continue reading

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nike mashdash changed my partner hehee

haha was ranting abt mashdash a few days back…but now, look! an email from nike mashdash! :P hahaa: and all i did was post this on the fb discussion board: naise! they actually do read feedback!! :P heee yay! oh … Continue reading

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