mashdash- nike randomly pairs you up with another runner, at the end of 6 weeks.. if ur pair runs the most, ya win an all expenses paid trip to SF to take part in a nike marathon!!!!

and every week there are cash vouchers and prizes!!

we are currently ranked at #30, it’s the end of week 2.. by the end of next week, if we make it to top 25, which i think might be possible, we get free entry into a nike run in singapore!!! PROBLEM IS…my mash dash buddy isnt runningg :|

shd i randomly add him (this mashdash thing is nike’s tieup with facebook) and ask him to clock some milage?? but i dun wanna just randomly add pple!!! oh man..but FREE entry!!! registration fees are like my main barrier to joining races….. poor student…. sianz…how how how

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