micoach 90 min green run, to sg poly and back, and arnd condo 12.94km



started off this run feeling quite upset, over i have no idea what. perhaps the feeling of unaccomplishment, didnt manage to study anything that i could say at the end of the day that i truly understood (mbbs in 9 mths!!).. didnt complete much, kept falling asleep…]

was late for my 5min jp meeting…drank the salty unhealthy ee mian gravy even though i knew i shdnt have, felt damn thirsty, eat muruku x2, plus extra lunch in the form of congee…

i dunno….just a super fail day la…plus x2 oily but damnfreaking good chicken wings plus buffet at my uncle’s place AND x2 slices of ice cream cake….

all in all..was pretty upset, sianz…and 10pm alr….but dragged myself up, got changed and stepped out into the fresh night air

starting off was ok, blue zone, nice and easy…after 10mins, micoach kept telling me to speed up to green zone…i was annoyed!! omg shut it u dumb black device!! i’m freaking anhedonic..dont tell me what to do… (i do love my micoach dearly though btw (we have quite a love-hate relationship)… and it DID cost me a bomb!!) so anyway, that kept going on for the next 70mins..

anyhoo, i do think i’m getting kinda faster, cos i competed the sg poly lap and back in like 60ish mins, compared to my regular 70+mins? not in overall pace though for this combined 90mins, but just for that particular route i guess…and i was kinda slacking too…not on purpose of cos..was damn sian

anyway, after finishing the lap, went round my place like 3 times to hit the 90mins mandate my dear micoach placed on me tonight..and that was when things started to lighten up. guess going round and round in circles is kinda boring, but then u just run and dont think so much. things then get better

got back home, feeling quite awesome and happy that i actually DID accomplish smtg today

(ok..ranting begins now)
/EDIT/ (rant…rant..rant, bitchh..bitch…bitch) 

frackkzzz note to self:  i have to be more patient and helpful…he’s feeling awful too… :|

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