1hr progression run, to sg poly and back


u know ur body needs a break when micoach tells you to even “speed up to blue zone”, the lowest zone!!!

think x3/week micoach training is a bit to shiong for me! or at least i shd move my feedback meter back to heart rate based, rather than pace based!

today’s the 5th run for my run 10k faster programme. for my next run, i think i shall just forego the progression run (yes, progression run again!!! eeeee :S) and do a nice and easy LSD, a chillax one, no music, no nothing

today, my hrm (heart rate monitor) dug right into my epigastrium!! :( and now i’ve kinda an abrasion, painful! :(

my abrasion frm last friday’s squash has also started to crust up. been playing squash quite a bit lately! last fri with thengwai, jega and zhencong; the past mon with char and daelen; and tmr will be with shawn and maybe char and keith..

abrasion from squash last friday

i like having a good sweat!! but the problem is everytime i work out, there’s some possibility i scar myself!! :( so ugly!!

PIH from fall in feb earlier this year...ugly max!!

here’s a pic of post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH..haha!! i learnt that from my derm stint at ucla ronald reagan!! :P) from my really bad fall in feb, still there!! so ugly!! on my thumb knuckle and other knee too :( char says the thumb knuckle scar looks like gonorrhea!!!! yuckzz!!

anyhoos, here’s some cool stats from my micoach! today’s my 8th logged workout! hit the 50.5 km mark today, apparently the distance the Chunnel travels between England and France! haha feels kinda nice, considering how i need another 417km to hit the blue zone on my nike+!

50.5km the distance the Chunnel travels between England and France, apparently!! haha :P

sianzzz...need another 417km to get to the blue zone on nike+

just for the fun of it, decided to capture a screen shot of my progress using the micoach thus far!

trying to keep improving the pace!! better today than the last one! still not as good as the third last one, which was around the src track...but was boring!! stomach feels kinda sick now though, think i shall not run after dinner anymore!!

another cute thingy the micoach does:

mileage on mr pinkys!

tracking mileage on shoes! determined to track my mileage on mr pinkys!! :P haha been super anal about what i use it for lately! dont wanna wear out them grip threads before their time!!

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