looking back :) my first half marathon- the Pasadena Half Marathon 2011 in Los Angeles, California!

a retrospective account of my running journey :)

i started running in mid april 2010

first 10k
(9.05km) roadrun 13 june 2010 1:14:54 (8:16/km)
this was after a 6.26km treadmill run, both on the first day i got my nike+ !!

first 15k
(15.52km) treadmill 1 august 2010 2:00:12 (7:45/km)
(14.8km) roadrun 27 august 2010 1:51:24 (7:41/km)
this was my first exploratory run to holland v and back, on the first day i got my philips neckband sports headphones!

first 21k
(21.48km) roadrun 6 march 2011 2:58:46 (8:19/km)
up bt timah hill first, then to holland v and back, in preparation for my first half mara!

first race
PASADENA HALF MARATHON (21.1km) 15 may 2011  2:22:43 (6:77/km)
12 degrees celsius + rain!! fingers froze till they could hardly move!! + unknown terrain!!!

whoo! :D it’s been an awesome journey thus far and i’m thankful for the progress i’ve made! thank GOD!! :D and to mum/dad too, for which otherwise my first race in the US would not have come about!!  esp my mom!! for some of my devices like my ipod touch nike+ 2nd sensor, etc…!!

now, for some pictures!!!


elevation chart

race results! looks quite noob but hehe it's my PR!

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3 Responses to looking back :) my first half marathon- the Pasadena Half Marathon 2011 in Los Angeles, California!

  1. phillip kim says:

    would you be interested in running the LA Marathon 2011 for pancreatic cancer? The hirshberg foundation has one of the best training programs and VIP treatment for marathon runners!

    • hey there! just checked out the hirschberg foundation/training programme website, and i must say i really wish i could!
      the training programme looks structured and v ‘coached’ and i do agree very much with the cause! i’ve learnt that the prognosis for pancreatic ca patients is not very good so yes, more research! i kinda do feel strongly for it as well- the first patient that i’ve ever spoken to as a medical student was a patient surffering rom pancreatic ca! and one of my interests include hepatobiliary surgery which encompases whipples for pancreatic ca so yeah!!
      unfortunately though, i’m not based in LA. i’m from Singapore, somewhere in southeast asia, and i’m still completing my final year of studies, so yup, I cant. thanks for the invite though! :)

      i did manage to run the pasadena race bcos i was doing a short elective at UCLA ronald reagan med center (i see that the hirschberg foundation is affiliated to UCLA, that’s cool!)

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