45 min green run to sunset way yesterday


enjoying my fabulous ringpop as i recount this retrospective entry!! :D (fits perfectly on my finger as i type!!!)

RINGPOP!!! after 784i85805yrs!!! :P WHEEE YAY!!! (colours my lips BLUE!!! :P) and apparently just 60 calories...haha

anyway this run was HAZY….even though it was like at 9pm at night! started off with a horrid calf cramp, which basically lasted for almost the rest of the run. improved after i stretched (one calf only though!! not enough time to stretch the other..haha) at one of the traffic lights towards the end!! but mostly still tight, esp after stopping completely at almost all the traffic lights!! :S it was really so tight, i practically walked a few steps on the way back :( smtg i usu try to avoid!!

prob will have to stretch more before my next run, or top up on the bananas and 100plus!

this run was quite tiring on the whole, think i’m getting too fatigued..pace considerably lesser than before. but anyways, i think the bestest nicest running posture for me is with my back and neck straight, looking ahead, WITH my sleeves nicely rollled up and strrridingg :P but my sleeves keep rolling back down..annoying!!! so hot :/ rawrrrr

micoach planned this as a 45min run bcos…tmr i’m due for a long 90min run :S

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