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skipped my 90min run!!! :S just lazy, been falling asleep since the whole morning, up till now…. prob gonna rebond my hair tmr, so that’s like no exercising for the next 3 days- forced rest! haha which is good i … Continue reading

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nike mashdash changed my partner hehee

haha was ranting abt mashdash a few days back…but now, look! an email from nike mashdash! :P hahaa: and all i did was post this on the fb discussion board: naise! they actually do read feedback!! :P heee yay! oh … Continue reading

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bt timah hill jungle trek!

http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=7fbf0b2d-59b1-4c6d-81e1-6a0d044e7834 jungle trek with lyd up bt timah hill, and back down via the path!! brot my micoach along cos i mostly wanted to play with the device and see how it logs an increase in elevation!!! :P (2nd last … Continue reading

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