bt timah hill jungle trek!


jungle trek with lyd up bt timah hill, and back down via the path!!

brot my micoach along cos i mostly wanted to play with the device and see how it logs an increase in elevation!!! :P (2nd last tab on the stats panel) but think it didnt record cos it was more jungle trekking up and down as opposed to elevation elevation per say….damnn…

haha anw HR stats as above for fun :) evident which is uphill and which is down

w mizz simonn!

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3 Responses to bt timah hill jungle trek!

  1. wari says:

    Have you not gone thru what some first time hikers call, the KNNBCCB steps? Ok, it’s the only 70 meters up from the bottom along the Dairy Farm Loop path, but it can kill you if unprepared. Personally, I love that steps (not the first time though), and it’s a great stress test for the heart + leg muscles.

  2. wari says:

    Oh, and PS: next time when you post your miCoach shots, can you overlay your speed into the graph? (See bottom left drop down with the word Overlay – None)

    • HELLO WARI :)
      OHHHH!!! tt’s wad the overlay button does!!! LOL!! okiess!! thanks for the tippp!! :P

      hahaha lol!!! where’s the entrance of that path? is it also from the bottom of the hill? i have no idea which path my fren brought me on..but we came out of the path somewhere near this reallllly long steep flight of steps, which eventually brought us to the summit! is this the KNNBCCB stepps?

      omg if it is…i can totally understand why manz…could feel the BURNN in my thighs!!!!!

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