zomg i love squash sooooo v mucchh! played with thengwai and zhencong today, had a really good and fun time, and omg i really really love my good ol trusty racket

today it hit me that i’d be so lost if it/ when it breaks. this’s been my longest lasting racket and i just love the feel of it. anyway yeah squash was really fun, the last few times i’ve been playing, including today, i am really feeling it. ya know, like yeah the feeling is right, like i get the ball you know, i understand it..kinda! the swing, everything..

my right knee kinda started to act up again though :/ i used mr blueys today, cos my squash shoes are really quite condemned already, and since i already have another running shoe… anyhoos, the front of mr bluey’s sole’s kinda coming out alredy..:'( heartbreak!! i hate to see my first serious running shoe get so ‘injured’ :/ oh wells!

anyways got back, and after dinner did another 1 hour of hard core gymming and weights! it’s been so long since i’ve been at the gym that i was very pleasantly surprised to see a huge new really cool sound system in the gym now! today’s workout i concentrated mostly on the quads (seeing how my knee is starting to get weak again, i reckon stregthening them quads would be a good idea!), them arms- esp the triceps, and back.

real sweaty now, gonna shower! tataa

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