30mins spins, ez curl bar

did a 30min spinning routine today:

6 mins seated flat warm up
3 mins standing turns
1 min recovery

15 secs seated sprints for 3 mins
4 mins seated flat with arm workouts learnt from spinning class!

4 mins standing climb
3 mins seated climb

5 mins seated flat
5 mins cool down

perspired like a dog!!




then did some crunches, then proceeded to do some weights with the ez curl bar at my gym. kinda wish they had the regular straight bar thingum.

ez curl bar  vs

did it without additional weights of cos! so heavy alr! 10 pounds (4.5kg, haha lol ok i fail hahah)- i assume my condo purchased the standard one vs the olympic one!

anw, did some research on the ez curl bar: it’s more for
– pple w wrist ptoblems (apparently regular straight ones are bad for the wrists)
– advanced lifters who are done bulking up and wanna do isolation exercises

i’m neither of the above…so WHY!!!! it’s awkward to hold! anyhoos, Grip positions on the Ez curl bar <-this piece of info is kinda useful- inner grip for triceps, outer for biceps

found some good workout tips here http://www.leehayward.com/arms.htm
for not just barbells but dumbebells etc as well
has tips on the correct way of lifting etc., would be better if i had like a gym trainer or smtg so that i can be sure i’m doing it right and not injring myslef..but oh wells! anyway, website is v informative, makes me wanna walk back to the gym and start over! but i must say, the picture at the bottom really scared me…i dont wanna look like that!!!!

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  1. Your blog is so informative … keep up the good work!!!!

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