treadmill thursdayy

yest’s rest jungle trek turned out to be quite a workout after all. totally CRASHED after that, when i got home from bible study, i immediately fell asleep around 11pm plus. had to even crawl out of bed this morning!

treadmill thursday! 9.6km, pace 6:39/km

went to the gym today for a run. decided that i shall not go for night runs for a while, after so many dead bodies been found randomly around over the last few weeks! (6 in the last 6 weeks or smtg??) pushed my bro along as well since he also wanted to work his upper bod

did a 9.6km run, 0% incline. was intending to do hill intervals level3, but the treadmill machine had an error. i must say that micoach training for the last 2+ weeks has really worked! even though i kinda slacked off the whole of last week, and the first half of this week, i managed to hit 8-9kmph quite easily. usually, after a break i’d have to start at 6-7kmph, with effort!

this is my first run on the treadmill since i started training with micoach. quite sad that my micoach couldnt work today- didnt know the batt was flat! good thing i brought my nike+ along, could log them miles to my mashdash challenge heh heh! last i checked i’ve been pushed alll the way to #59 bcos of my slacking for the last one and a half weeks!

towards the end of the run, i managed to increase to a sprint of max 14kmph, that’s like a pace of 4ish/km- the kinda race pace those top notch runners can run at for like 10km, 21km, 42km etc, ALL THE WHOLE ENTIRE WAY! it felt good, like flying man!:D WHOO but too bad i can only sustain for less than a minute. and only at the end, when i can tell myself to just go all out.

started for abt 3 mins just messin around, then some stuff i placed on the treadmill dashboard fell off so i got off and restarted my run again
did 5km in abt 32:30ish minutes
by 1hr, abt 9.3km

gonna be trying to hit a 10k in under 1hr!
that’s my aim!!!

anyhoos, did a 12month analysis, my average pace has gotten faster!!!! :D prob the stimulus was the purchase of micoach! in july! haha and the pasadena run, which made me started to train more seriously haha :)

my average paces for the last 12 months! i've improved!!! WOW! this is quite cool haha

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