x- training fridayy cycling to clementi!

10k friday x-training cycle to clementi

had to go to the optician to pick up some contact lens solution, so decided to cycle there for some cross training… strapped on my micoach, and was on my way! this time round, micoach was fine, batt was enough, switched on fine.. BUT when i got home, i couldnt sync my workout!!! it was not there!!!! :(:( i think maybe it’s cos i paused my workout before switching the off button.. :/ haizz so sad :(:( i was really really really looking forward to seeing my heart rate chart!!! :(

ride was ok :) nice to feel the cycling breeze after so long!!! good thing i did some spinning workouts on monday, so wasnt too bad getting into the cycling motion again, but omg,,,the burn in the thighs..incredible..woaah! when i got off at narrow crowded places to push lime for a short while, omg, i could the burrrrnn!!!

sigh still so sad my workout didnt get synced! am such a sucker of geeky graphs..but i guess it’s nice to see how you fared! anw i looked pretty ridiculous and newbie with the pink plastic bag from running my errand, hanging on my bicycle handle! HAHA

my noob/auntie/chinaman ride style!: pink plastic bag hanging from limey heh! orange/pink thingy is my wallet/pouch that i randomly tied down- maybe i shd get one of those riding shirts with pockets!

lime had also gotten pretty rusty cos i havent ridden him for a long time..so i decided to give him a good scrub with some sand paper!

from this..... (front brake connector thingy)

to this!!!


from this (hind brakes).....

to this!! :D

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