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9.02km hill intervals firmware upgrade worked :) micoach didnt die on my this time round :D firmware 3.26 ftw had the best run ever in the last few days.. 9.02km, 60mins, L3 hill intervals. felt great. runner’s high definitely kicked in. :D … Continue reading

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7.4km, 58mins tired++++

micoach died on me again! :( i’m gonna give it one last shot!!! dont fail me, u expensive #!@#! :( it’s been so unstable lately…and i keep losing my runs!!! :/ on another note, after so long, i realise that … Continue reading

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didnt complete my route today :(

micoach died on me today :( in fact, it’s not even lighting up(as i type this post) after i connected the usb..i’m freaking out!! :( hope it’s not spoilt!!!!!!!! did 60 mins today (about 8k by googlemaps) . didnt complete … Continue reading

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53min treadmill hill intervals 7.48km

teased myself into going to the gym by convincing myslef that i’ll read my derm atlas while doing the treadmill…needless to say….hardly made it past 4 pages!!! running’s so much better when u just dont do anything else but run… … Continue reading

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X-training Wednesday! seems like the elliptical burns more than the spinner!!

did some spinning and elliptical yesterday, decided to use micoach just for fun to see how it records it! doesnt read distance for both very well haha calories wise, seems like my workout on the elliptical burnt more calories thanon … Continue reading

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back! hill intervals

been MIA mostly cos i had ID and paeds eopts, had a lot to mug for both, and pretty much felt guilty doing anything else but study or sleep O.O sigh, life of an m5. to make matters worse, despite … Continue reading

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37min speed intervals and weight training!

arms are trembling right now! i love how they do that after working them out LOL :P back to trng after like another 1 whole week of slacking (was kinda lazy and also stuck on watching all the harry potters … Continue reading

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