37min speed intervals and weight training!

arms are trembling right now! i love how they do that after working them out LOL :P

back to trng after like another 1 whole week of slacking (was kinda lazy and also stuck on watching all the harry potters last wk LOL!!) and it feels good! i love the gym and i love how working out makes me all feeling healthy and STRONG :D

did micoach training number 17 (i’ve defaulted trainings 9-16 over the last 3 wks! :X) which was 37 mins speed intervals- 10mins of blue zone, followed by intervals of 1 min of green and 25secs of red (12x), then another 10mins of blue


37mins speed intervals- micoach gave me a 83% on this one

tried to hit 12-12.5kmph on the reds, and the greens 9.5-10kmph

did this interval training while listening to my ultra runner podcast episode on don freeman’s AC100 race. this is like the 4th ultrarunner podcast i’ve listened to and i must say ultra runner podcasts is my favouritest podcast of all time!! :D should really check this out if you havent!

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