back! hill intervals

been MIA mostly cos i had ID and paeds eopts, had a lot to mug for both, and pretty much felt guilty doing anything else but study or sleep O.O sigh, life of an m5. to make matters worse, despite all the studying, i still GG paeds :( this is the first time i actually didnt quite make it for any clinical posting written test, kinda traumatic!… :( though the consensus was that it was pretty difficult, i still feel like shit cos majority of peeps still at least scraped! x said that someone calculated the percentage to be only 1.2% of mbbs but sigh it’s still so i dunno..confidence shaking!!! :( shows that sometimes studying is just not enough..clinical experience +++, i didnt pon any clinical stuff though :/in fact, i was pretty hardworking!! even more so than in m4! oh weells! :( haizz….

anyway so today finally decided the laziness had to stop. did a L3 hill intervals with micoach’s yellow run. was hard! stamina definitely down :( hardly could keep up with the yellow zones as you can see below!


L3 hill intervals on treadmill + micoach's yellow run (micoach gave me a 67%...treadmill incline gets most steep around the middle...haha maybe i could use that as an excuse for not hitting the yellow? heehh)

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3 Responses to back! hill intervals

  1. Azlan Ithnin says:

    Hello runner! I added you to my blog link! :)

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