X-training Wednesday! seems like the elliptical burns more than the spinner!!

did some spinning and elliptical yesterday, decided to use micoach just for fun to see how it records it! doesnt read distance for both very well haha

calories wise, seems like my workout on the elliptical burnt more calories thanon spinning (i think micoach calculates on HR so should be pretty accurate) even though i spent 3 mins more on the spinner rather than the elliptical! could also be that i got onto the elliptical when my HR was high alreadyy. normally i dont really care abt calories, but yesterday as i was leaving for work, my mom told me i was getting fat!! when ur mum tells u that, i think it really means something!!! LOL plus yeah corresponds on the scale, although pple tell me it doesnt look like it (maybe being nice or smtg???!!)

charts below, just for fun!

SPINNING WORKOUT 33 mins, ave HR 148bpm, calories 333. the spinner's monitor tells me i covered abt 10.1km if i recall correctly!


did this with a mix from motiontraxx.com! (motiontraxx’s 50th episode- get cyc-‘ed 2) by guest spinning trainer gregg cook, a ny instructor at equinox. wah could hardly keep up with the pace!!! tiring ++++

after 30mins, switched over to the elliptical. just did one of their preset intervals for another 30mins. HR chart as below:

ELLIPTICAL WORKOUT 30mins, ave HR 170bpm, calories 371, didnt take note on the exact distance covered


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