didnt complete my route today :(

micoach died on me today :( in fact, it’s not even lighting up(as i type this post) after i connected the usb..i’m freaking out!! :( hope it’s not spoilt!!!!!!!!

did 60 mins today (about 8k by googlemaps) . didnt complete the route i was planning to run (did this many times! with no problems before!) this is the last time i’m gonna whine about it (bcos i’m gonna start making a change right after this post!)…clearly, stamina down, speed down, fitness down, determination down, perserverance down! i think it’s related to the 5 kg i gained since returning from the US. it’s funny just how a few kilos can make so much difference to your body! lerthargy ++ and lots of sleeping!

well at least, getting out of the house today was not a problem. i think the biggest barrier that makes me groan at spending some time out nowadays is thinkihng about how early i’ve to leave the house the next day. there was a time 8am seemed like such a luxury (like when i was doing o&g sip), now i just groan at that prospect. well but since AM i’m off tmr, and i’m prob gonna skip my pm clinic, that wasnt much of a problem today :) it was destress +++ =)

on the up side, even though i didnt finish my route, i took the time to stroll back home, admiring the orange pink sky of dusk. it was beautiful. :) the trees, the birds, the street lamps, the people. it was nice and chill especially while listening to nice indie acoustic songs which i’ve never heard before.

anyway, decided it’s time to stop yakking and do something about my fitness. it’s a shame how it’s deteriorated to this state!

1. gotta shed those pounds. i’m sure i’ll be sleeping less and feeling less lerthargic! and this aint just for a vain reason, because now my bmi lies in the 25 zone, clearly in the moderate risk for cvs disease!

2. gotta build up those core muscles. trained them a lot while training for my pasadena run, but ever since it ended, i’ve let everything gone back to marshmallow! even sitting in clinic gives me neck and backache!

3. lessen those snacks! i dont know why, but i’m really always always always so hungry. gradually gonna lessen this! perhaps by volume since i dont think frequency is gonna work!!

4. drink more water! have to get a bigger water bottle!

5. change of focus from speed building back to stamina building

now if only my micoach would start working!!! :( at least i;ve now checked that there’s a 1 yr warranty, and internationally as well. feel a little less anxious now. but still!! haiyo. not having my running results is one thing..but it’s wasting my pacer and HRM’s battery! :(

my incomplete route to sg poly today :( 7.96km, 60mins, 7:32min/km

phew managed to get the lights back on by pressing the reset button! but of cos..workout lost! :(

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