9.02km hill intervals


9.02km, 6:41min/km pace :) awesomest run in the last few days and micoach didnt die on me! :D got a 93% :P Micoach: "Looking like a pro! You stayed in the zone for most of your workout-a whopping 93%. That's what it's all about, baby!"


firmware upgrade worked :) micoach didnt die on my this time round :D firmware 3.26 ftw

had the best run ever in the last few days.. 9.02km, 60mins, L3 hill intervals. felt great. runner’s high definitely kicked in. :D

did the most complete workout after that for like 3hrs while watching cna for presidential elections updates. (focused on cores to increase my stamina for runs, something i really need to work on!! and also arms and legs for strength!!)

anw, it was real fun, watching, working out, discussing politics, checking twitter updates and laughing with my parents. yeah for a good solid 3hrs +++! dont rmb ever having 3 hrs to just watch tv, and talk nonsense, without worrying abt having to mug!!

presidential election wise…i voted for.. ____ tan! haha can be just anyone right? with that surname lol..ok, old joke. anyway, close fight and a recount is going on now. wonder how important the overseas votes are gonna be now that the difference is less than 2%! plus we might have to wait till them votes can fly in due to hurricane irene related flight delays!

well anyway, either way, i think it’ll be good. but hopefully it wont take too long…cna anchors/reporters getting tired and saying weird things!
and quite funny how the cna twitter update kinda sabo-ed itself – hahaa http://t.co/fyNHEYP

lol ok, anyway, okies off to bed! nights world!

water and weights! <3

okies, peace out! *twist sign*

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2 Responses to 9.02km hill intervals

  1. Jessica says:

    Super jealous of your pace!! I’m super slow…pregnancy to thank for that…can’t wait to get my speed back!

    • hey there!! lol it’s the treadmill pushing me, i usually like am quite slow when i run outside! checked out your blog too! it’s awesome!!! congrats on ur preggy! :D
      wow and it must have been real fun volunteering at the ultrarace at leadville!! coolness max!!!! :)

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