PRE-CALL RUN! 10.28km


think the timing is wrong!! def did not complete this run in 1h 5min!!!! prob arnd 1h 20mins!

PRE-CALL RUN!! :D outside!! usual route to sgpoly and back! did it while listening to my ultrarunner podcasts!! ah love that podcast to bitsssss <3 hehehee
took it nice and slow, no pressure, just trotting hehe, with many complete stops at the traffic lights cos i was too ‘lazy’ to jog on the spot

post run sweat was soo salty!! but it was kinda tasty :x ok tt’s disgusting! already have to mug up. first gen med call tmr! will be a ‘real’ call, cos unlike o&g, i dont get to sleep on the empty beds in the delivery suite…and it’s not an elective

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