LSD 23.4km!!!!! :D

So since my last entry..
I’ve been busy with circuit training at the gym and strength exercises/weights..
pretty much did away with my pacers and all..was kinda facing a doldrums kinda-perpetually tired kinda phase…

so anyway, bought a new hydration pack after geri ended hehe..which i’ve named Grover haha and did a trail run on Saturday with it! nice way to mark the beginning of a 2 week break!! :D

i realise everytime i finish a posting, i buy some new toys for myself lol..first was nike+, then headphones x2, bicycle, bike accessories, new shoes/running stuff…and now..hydration pack! :D slowly ticking off everything on my wishlist..except the garmin- lol but not sure if i’ll really get one..since i realise i really hate wearing watches normally..and even more so while running

so anyway, here’s my run!

after 2hrs, started to feel cold! was kinda scary cos i had no idea what was going on, and mildly carpopedal spasmed for a split second..actually, nah i think i just had finger cramps..but it was scary nonetheless! and i’ll attribute the chills to hopefully just sun setting? gotta check out those electrolyte gels that pple talk abt..but feel so act…so i dont think i’m that pro enough to talk abt tt feels to me like all this gel shitzz is for the pro pple only!! oh wells haha

anyway ran out of water at abt halfway pt too! shd have filled grover to the 2L max!! but i was lazy
water really does wonders though! wonder how i ever survived running all my previous distances without having water by my side!

so anyway, all in all, the run was good. back arnd my condo started to walk alternately with jogs..did couple of rounds arnd the large perimeter of my estate so that i could hit the mileage i wanted. was painful though..cos it was pretty boring..and my legs were really really really tired. kept telling myself that ‘pain is temporary and winning is foreverrrr!!’ though i’m not sure win what exactly lol

but all the same! yay 23.4km! decided to hit this mileage as a 23rd belated bday gift to myself…well kinda..haha just some cheap thrills to make my life more enjoyable haha
yup so 23.4 bcos now i’m 23yrs4mths=23.33yrs, and so 23.4k!

okies toodles!! :D

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