what’s new?

ending of my 2 week break..first round of residency interview over (went quite ok, i think! scenarios were pretty ok, thank God! though i think they kinda alr know who they want..so…haizz;

anw, at my first station i greeted my indian interviewer by “Mr Hu” damn.. Kinda got screwed over by the name label outside the room door- which in my nervousness i forgot that the office is not actually my interviewer’s real office…whispered his real name under my breath as i sat down and noticed his REAL name label on the table…doubt he heard zzz damn why do these kinda things always happen to me!!!!

on another note, hols has been great! loadsa rest, chilling, did a bit of studying, hung out w frens, tanning, squashin + attended a couple of lunch cme talks w my dad

now, what’s new? i’m my dad’s personal gym trainer! whoo awesome! haha i came up with a training plan for him and i’m pretty excited! :D had our first session yesterday!

anw today, did some hills and fartlek 12-8-12-8-12-8-12-8-12-8-13.5-8-15!!!!!-8! SHIOKKK :D and more weights strengthenings

SIP beginning soon..damn gonna be tauhuey againnn
oh wells but i’m both excited + SCARED!! :D

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