surg sip over, will certainly miss the early morning empty road drives and just being able to wearing scrubs and slipppperrrs!! :P

was planning to sleep in today, but i spontaneously woke up at 8.30am, so went for a lil CPIS session!! haha am gonna refer to running by CPIS from now haha it’s wad we use for “chest physio incentive spiro”on our list as part of plans to get post op patients to reexpand their lungs!!!

since runnning is so awesome, wad better name than CPIS!!!! :P LOL

anyway, i pretty much died today!! did the to SP poly sign 9k route. route there was good, but coming back i died lol, interspersed it with loads of jogging and walking. haha lol but i guess better than nothing right?? so deconditioned from all the nua-ing (ok, not really nuaing!! think 5.30am/6.30am reaching hosp hours!!! and hardly ever reaching back before 7+pm!! nevertheless, albeit tiring, still very satisfying :) this i wannna do :) )

did the run today v old school again, just me and my ipod, no devices, phone or even my access card to get home :P

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