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8.66km, 60mins

hill intervals L3 again sweating like a dog!! whooo :P on the menu: eopt cm, and osse fri okieez gotta showerz and mugz!

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hangin tough, stayin hungry

MAMMOTH LAKE!!! hee omg my fav place from our roadtrip! so gonna go back here one day!! dream honeymoon location++!! heehee  run and skiii :P awesome much!!, no? :) and another awesome vid:

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my sanity escape! :)

9.01km, 60 mins! hills L3 my sanity escape! :) did the last 1/3 changing my footstrike from my usual heel strike to the forefoot strike. one of my clinicalgrp mates comment tt my walking gait was weird with inward torsion … Continue reading

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hills 40mins 5.52km; 60mins 9.23km

mbbs in abt 90+ days..been mildly depressed and sian and forcing myself to study damn freaking hard most of my post hospital days have been spent mugging outside, so i reach home past my gym closing have been averaging … Continue reading

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