hills 40mins 5.52km; 60mins 9.23km

mbbs in abt 90+ days..been mildly depressed and sian and forcing myself to study damn freaking hard
most of my post hospital days have been spent mugging outside, so i reach home past my gym closing time..so have been averaging ~x1/wk gymming which is darn bad :(
gotta try waking up earlier before hosp to run! (which i’ve been trying but failing miserably ++!!)

anw, after dinner today, i crashed and slept all the way till 10+pm, moment i woke up, went straight to the gym, and woah i feel a lot better :) i’m ready for more studying shit!! ithink lol

school’s been really tiring. hours shorter than while doing my internship but i feel so tired everyday. like way more. maybe it’s cos it’s a lot more taxing on the brain. been having like3/4 tuts per day! and been having to return for lectures over weekends like every wk so far. been really shagged. so the last time i went for a run (1hr 9.23km) before today, i left my access card in the gym :( GONE! LOST! :( was quite upset with myself cos i hate losing things and i never EVER  do!! always responsible me :) sigh but was so tired that i forgot all abt it and left it on the treadmill haiz :( oh wells!!!!

havent used my micoach in ages but i dont think i’ll be using it soon la also. need to chillax :)

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