2011 run stats! :D

my 2011 run stats! mileage increased! :P

run stats last year 2010

just a quick post…dying :( everyday go hosp/tuts/lectures, feels like i havent had a weekend in like a gabzillion years!!! and by the time i get home every night..too shagged to mug alr, haizzz

anw, dailymile generated my run stats for 2011! elated to see that i have increased my mileage from 341km to 489km!! :D
good job deeboo hehehhe *patpat*

oh wellz, i foresee my run stats for 2012 to be rather dismal. for one, i can expect mileage for jan-march to be close to zilch…haiz..will try…but see how….
7 more weeks to mbbs :O
feels so un real …

squeezed in a 30min run 2 days ago, like after close to a month of complete inactivity! (was starting to get depreessed alr….sianz) decided to strap on my micoach after not using it for the last few runs


30 mins, 4.7km

how sad but this was my playlist:

my latest run playlist!! ah

so anyway tried to correct my landing to a midfoot/forefoot strike yet once again…2 days on, my calves are aching are crazy!! mayb shd try to stick to my usual wrong heel(hell)strike till exams are over; anyhoos gonna see if i can squeeze in any more runs!! ahh

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