it was not 4km

5 more days, 2 more clinical exams to go

surg yest didn’t go too smoothly :( took the worst hx ever, p/e demonstration was rough, couldn’t spit out impt differentials (said I don’t know what else finally- to which my examiner said- u don’t know? u think that’s goo enough for an mbbs exam?) sigh examiners were nice but guess I did deserve that :( it’s the final exam afterall but I did think that ddx was far given her symptoms but nonetheless it was a very impt ddx for someone old

oh wells, guess I’m still thankful for relatively standard cases for my shorts. though when I woke up this morning, all the words I couldn’t find during the exam just came to kind- funny what exams do to you

anw I’m tired, worn, scared, uncertain. it’s been a long road
The way I’m feeling right now, feels just like that last 4-5km in the cold rainy Pasadena rain, fingers frozen, Nike+ ‘lied’ I was just 2km away from the end; kept goong and going, but I saw no end, instead a mild hill, to which I thought, I must be near! Maybe it’s after this! I saw pple who finished, walking back, medals in hand, but I kept going and going, looking for that big blue header finishing stand, but no, I saw none. I cheered char on when I saw her, 2km left babe! but no, it was not 2km.

no, it was not.

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