Finally got my Garmin!

so 2 years ago while preparing for my first halfie at the Pasadena Marathon, I wrote and pinned this to my board to motivate myself..


from 2011…..with love <3
the empty underline headings were supposed to be for me to fill in the goal i had to achieve before i could reward myself with new toys..but obviously haha i just left it blank haha

got my micoach shortly after completing the race while still in the US.. :P then months later, my hydration pack “Groverr” and finally!! 2 years later, my GARMIN! i spent a loong time deliberating, mainly because of its cost and i wasnt sure how much I would like the idea of having a watch on my wrist while running (feels kinda uncomfortable and somewhat girdled).. thankfully, garmin has finally introduced an entry level watch, that is not too expensive, for somewhat leisure runners like me :P

#garmin #sweat

my virgin garmin run on my peeenk forerunner 10! :P lovin’ the swear hehe #garmin #sweat #forerunner10 #pink

loving the after workout analysis:

Sunset Way Run 7km 56:48 Garmin Analysis

Sunset Way Run 7km 56:48 Garmin Analysis



it’s UBER COOL how you can playback the run fullscreen and watch the graphs on speed and elevations!! Forerunner 10 actually has a ‘Auto pause’ function that will pause the run when u stop, like at traffic lights etc..but i hadnt figured out how to work it yet while i was starting off on this run

hehe lovin my garmin!!
did this run with my phone gps nike+ as well, but i think v soon i’ll be stopping nike+ altogether- what i dont really like abt nike+ is the rigidity of the entire platform- very much like what i think abt apple lol (havent used my nike+ in a loong time actually, not even my micoach cos i got quite sick of having everything measured, like my HR and stuff; and being strapped with so many things) a bit sad though, cos then all my workouts and nikefuel from yrs ago will be stagnant there..twas the good ol’ days of frustrating over my nike+ footpod and failing ipod touch battery..haha oh wells, if i have learnt anything from these 24+ years of my life, some goodbyes must be said sooner or later…

To sunset way and back by deeboweebo at Garmin Connect – Details.

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2 Responses to Finally got my Garmin!

  1. swee says:

    hiya fellow runner and garmin user! thanks for following my blog!

    Congrats on your new Garmin! I used to use Nike+ for tracking my runs, and I missed the colourful Nike+ website when I transitioned over to Garmin. BUUUUUT don’t fret because there’s this awesome converter that can convert your runs from Garmin Connect to Nike+! So all your fuel can still accumulate based on your Garmin runs!

    Link here:

    Hope this is helpful! :) i like your blog too!

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