11 nov build me up, buttercup

rolling hills

100 crunches
20 pushups
20 superman

20×2 deltoid lifts
20×2 overhead lifts
20×2 bicep curls
20×2 triceps extensions

did this 60mins w ultrarunner podcast through my headphones, with radio blasting in the background

the first 40mins were great, breezing through and really hitting the (trying-to-get-back-to be) runners high

i subconciously divided the 60mins into 20min blocks as i got along,
and each 20min blocks in 4x5min blocks which made everything bite sized

hacking a coughing fit every now and then..still,
but glad i made it through this 60mins

had a lil chat w W re how i felt, glad i did, and glad to finally get it off my chest
rather than ruminating abt it every other day
think it made me feel better

now onto some readings on appendiceal neoplasms
just abt 2 months away from absite
time to stop mocking around
dont wanna be top (from the bottom) again next year

Weigh in Wednesday (WIW) CM! :S

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