28 May 2015

W always makes me feel better


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Skeletons in the closet

“Every surgeon carries about him a little cemetery, in which from time to time he goes to pray, a cemetery of bitterness and regret, of which he seeks the reason for certain of his failures.”

La philosophie de la Chirurgie. Part II, chapter I. Translated by Roberta Hurwitz.

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The patient

“The individual on whom we operate is more than a physiological mechanism. He thinks, he fears, his body trembles if he lacks the comfort of a sympathetic face. For him nothing will replace the salutary contact with his surgeon, the exchange of looks, the feeling that the doctor has taken charge, with the certainty, at least apparent, of winning.”

La philosophie de la Chirurgie. Foreword. Translated by Roberta Hurwitz.

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Blue letter referral

“i would like to refer a patient for “rectal mass hemorrhage”

(aka piles)

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so  i got a new laptop a few wks back, the ASUS UX32L Zenbook
not really one for writing reviews, but since my bf is a techgeek, i will likewise try to attempt to do my review on the use of this laptop so far

i really like the sleek look and lightweight of this laptop
keyboard interface is nice, aluminium like metallic feel
battery life is quite good
screen is nice and matt, which i really like and is a super plus point for me
it has a 13.3″ inch, which is good enough for me (non-gamer, fb-er, twitter-er — moderate user)–> nb: this is the model without the nividia graphic card

down side so far is the mouse pad
sucks maximus

overall rating: 7.5/10

thats my humble 2 cents worth
ok better get back to my appendiceal neoplasms!! barely made it through the paragraph before getting distracted!!

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11 nov build me up, buttercup

rolling hills

100 crunches
20 pushups
20 superman

20×2 deltoid lifts
20×2 overhead lifts
20×2 bicep curls
20×2 triceps extensions

did this 60mins w ultrarunner podcast through my headphones, with radio blasting in the background

the first 40mins were great, breezing through and really hitting the (trying-to-get-back-to be) runners high

i subconciously divided the 60mins into 20min blocks as i got along,
and each 20min blocks in 4x5min blocks which made everything bite sized

hacking a coughing fit every now and then..still,
but glad i made it through this 60mins

had a lil chat w W re how i felt, glad i did, and glad to finally get it off my chest
rather than ruminating abt it every other day
think it made me feel better

now onto some readings on appendiceal neoplasms
just abt 2 months away from absite
time to stop mocking around
dont wanna be top (from the bottom) again next year

Weigh in Wednesday (WIW) CM! :S

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3 nov 2014

30 mins elliptical

homemade curry puff/ sardine puff (2)
ice nescafe

(free hospital breakfast) :'( !!!
soonkueh x2
chinese pear x1
butter cracker x2
3/4 cup of tea o kosong

spicy chicken noodles

fried rice x1.5 share
homemade chai tao kueh x1/4 share

noooo..why my momma make so good foood!!!!

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