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x- training fridayy cycling to clementi!

had to go to the optician to pick up some contact lens solution, so decided to cycle there for some cross training… strapped on my micoach, and was on my way! this time round, micoach was fine, batt was enough, … Continue reading

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26 feb 2011

tiredd today +++ no idea why, school’s not been tough rested for two whole days fro any exercise so anyway after 2hrs of ai on channel 8 (lol) dragged myself to the gym and clocked in 2hrs :) kinda a … Continue reading

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15k cycle to mcg meeting!

haha ok so maybe i didnt really go on a hiatus after all.. took lime for a 15k cycle to and back from biopolis for caregroup meeting at spice peranakan. their jemput jemput pisang is TO DIE FOR. lime’s arm … Continue reading

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no work out today..not even crunches! :O so tired/lazy..i keep fallin asleep.. but what i did today was a short cycle..not really anything la..cuz most of it was just cycle a bit and then the bicycle spinned by itself..so never … Continue reading

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pedal dropped off! :(

oh my gawd!! my left pedal just dropped off :( i’m flabbergasted! sigh omg and this is just after I had so much trouble attaching the rear and front lights it’s times like this I wish I had a bf … Continue reading

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cycling to church for YAF and back!

  lime got very creakkyy +++++ on the way back!! time for major greasing!! adjusted my seat this morning, and now riding no longer hurts my butt!!! :D

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cycling, squash, yoga and body jam!!

    and so…day 4 of my one week break. zomg :'( i wanna cry alr..why is my holidays ending so quickly!!! so anyway, yesterday was ‘sports day’..maxed it to the max manz. cycled to school, played squash w thengwai, … Continue reading

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