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3 nov 2014

30 mins elliptical breakfast: homemade curry puff/ sardine puff (2) ice nescafe (free hospital breakfast) :'( !!! soonkueh x2 chinese pear x1 butter cracker x2 3/4 cup of tea o kosong lunch: spicy chicken noodles dinner: fried rice x1.5 share … Continue reading

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morganfield 500

pigged out on morganfield tonight- full stack ribs..seafood platter..cheesy cheese friess!! lucky we had no room for dessert :x 500 skips!

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Korea 2013

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just got back from buffet dinner.. wahs my overeating days are SO over..i swear promise!!!!

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eat-a-lot monday, body pump and body combat!

today i ate a massive hell lot!! easily 3000+ calories! :S mayo chicken sandwich (double square sliced), 6half slices of pizza, 3 scoops of icecream plus topping (was gonna stop here but when i got home..i wallopped more food)- rice, … Continue reading

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tabata intervals attempt 2 and a whine

attempted to give the cardio tabata intervals another go! squat jumps high knees butt kicks burpees jumping jacks jump ropes mountain climbers hover jacks the last time round, i gg-ed at butt kicks during just the first set, so this … Continue reading

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monkeys, cakes and a new personal best! :D

i had a really great day today! in a snippet, – a monkey came into my house today and attempted to make away with our 1 kg pack of cashew nuts! my mom used a gala pole and managed to … Continue reading

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a set back by java chip

morning was spent at starbucks with my stack of opthalmo lecture notes. unfortunately, i couldnt resist the allures of the java chip..with whipped cream! gosh..and in grande too. that’s 440 cals!

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ok think i shant be posting pics of my food anymore. haha knew it wouldnt last! so troublesome..anw so far today has been bad! midnight snack: 1 slice of bread breakfast: beef burger/sandwich with loads of mustard lunch: hot n … Continue reading

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130710 circuits

daddy came with me to the gym today! did circuits again set 1 10 mins moderate run- hill intervals level 7 latts wide grip pull down- 30 lbs (x20) x3 abs crunch- 40 lbs (x20) x3 triceps ext- 10lbs/20lbs (x20) … Continue reading

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