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2011 run stats! :D

2011 run stats

2011 run stats

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LSD 23.4km!!!!! :D

So since my last entry.. I’ve been busy with circuit training at the gym and strength exercises/weights.. pretty much did away with my pacers and all..was kinda facing a doldrums kinda-perpetually tired kinda phase… so anyway, bought a new hydration … Continue reading

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treadmill thursdayy

yest’s rest jungle trek turned out to be quite a workout after all. totally CRASHED after that, when i got home from bible study, i immediately fell asleep around 11pm plus. had to even crawl out of bed this morning! … Continue reading

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looking back :) my first half marathon- the Pasadena Half Marathon 2011 in Los Angeles, California!

a retrospective account of my running journey :) i started running in mid april 2010 first 10k (9.05km) roadrun 13 june 2010 1:14:54 (8:16/km) this was after a 6.26km treadmill run, both on the first day i got my nike+ !! … Continue reading

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a few runs and first injury!!

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2010 rundown stats!

my aims for 2011 would be to improve my 5k timing! and incorporate gymming into my schdule! and most imptly to keep to schedule!!

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I’M BACK!!!!! pre-gymming 30 mins!

been running since april, and i havent lost a kg!!! then i caught some nasty paeds bug, fell real sick, loss my appetite for abt 4 days, and i lost 4 kg!! zomg.. but of cuz i’ve put it back … Continue reading

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monkeys, cakes and a new personal best! :D

i had a really great day today! in a snippet, – a monkey came into my house today and attempted to make away with our 1 kg pack of cashew nuts! my mom used a gala pole and managed to … Continue reading

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personal best!

on another note, i clocked a personal best today! this is my first run since the crazy ultimate bootcamp workout i did last ?tues was crazy man i ached, the whole week after that and up till yest my feet … Continue reading

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