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9.02km hill intervals

http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=51c49366-c218-419e-af88-1cbc460597a1 firmware upgrade worked :) micoach didnt die on my this time round :D firmware 3.26 ftw had the best run ever in the last few days.. 9.02km, 60mins, L3 hill intervals. felt great. runner’s high definitely kicked in. :D … Continue reading

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30mins spins, ez curl bar

did a 30min spinning routine today: 6 mins seated flat warm up 3 mins standing turns 1 min recovery 15 secs seated sprints for 3 mins 4 mins seated flat with arm workouts learnt from spinning class! 4 mins standing … Continue reading

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:):) jacuzzi, swimming, steambath, gym! :D

hehe yup the title summarizes it all. i had a really awesome sunday. calf muscles been aching like MAD from my barefoot run. i suppose landing on ur forefoot really maxes ur calf muscles to max. prob also cuz i … Continue reading

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29 oct 2010 spins and weights, sumo squats! blast those inner arms and thighs!

random note of the day: best way to mop up spills- socks!! (in bid to incorporate the new lifestyle of a shiong paeds posting and exercise!!!) random fact of the day: physiological S2 split 1. Chest wall expands during inspiration 2. … Continue reading

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