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ending of my 2 week break..first round of residency interview over (went quite ok, i think! scenarios were pretty ok, thank God! though i think they kinda alr know who they want..so…haizz; anw, at my first station i greeted my … Continue reading

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my fav song atm!! :P love this vid +++ 9.7k hill intervals plus weights! in the past wk, did circuits x2 as well. 2nd circuits workout was really shit. but nonetheless! dragged my lazy asss!! hehe (really ought to!! been … Continue reading

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26 feb 2011

tiredd today +++ no idea why, school’s not been tough rested for two whole days fro any exercise so anyway after 2hrs of ai on channel 8 (lol) dragged myself to the gym and clocked in 2hrs :) kinda a … Continue reading

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bt timah hill jog yest, gym weights today i didnt sweat while doing weights..like not at all (?aircon)..doesnt even feel like a workout :( never even pant..wonder if it burns any calories at all!! stairclimber arrived in the gym today! … Continue reading

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20 mins hill intervals, 20 mins spins!

20 mins hill intervals 20 mins spins machine 20 ladies push-ups 20 crunches 20 facedown hip external rotation (attempted!! but did it wrongly) 20 all fours leg kick out 20 stability ball butt lifts (haha i rmbed this one wrongly..was … Continue reading

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v-crunches and ladies pushups

today’s workout: v-crunches x20 (3 sets) ladies’ pushups x20 (3 sets) :) lazy day

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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Exercisers!

via ** The Road to Slim City **. Day after day, working out can feel like a drill.  Yet fitness devotees somehow muster the motivation.  Steal their tricks and (almost) never miss a workout again.

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