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Finally got my Garmin!

so 2 years ago while preparing for my first halfie at the Pasadena Marathon, I wrote and pinned this to my board to motivate myself.. got my micoach shortly after completing the race while still in the US.. :P then … Continue reading

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11k reconditioning run

Post GS MO briefing high..excited abt new beginnings..but scared too! Tip of the day: lie low!! Todays route included sixth ave, sunset way and back. Hey hey i found a 7 mile route! According to nike+ 11.28km, 1:31:00, 8’04” Havent … Continue reading

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treadmill thursdayy

yest’s rest jungle trek turned out to be quite a workout after all. totally CRASHED after that, when i got home from bible study, i immediately fell asleep around 11pm plus. had to even crawl out of bed this morning! … Continue reading

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nike mashdash changed my partner hehee

haha was ranting abt mashdash a few days back…but now, look! an email from nike mashdash! :P hahaa: and all i did was post this on the fb discussion board: naise! they actually do read feedback!! :P heee yay! oh … Continue reading

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1hr progression run, to sg poly and back

http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=254cf557-4bbf-442a-8238-555f1bf33208 u know ur body needs a break when micoach tells you to even “speed up to blue zone”, the lowest zone!!! think x3/week micoach training is a bit to shiong for me! or at least i shd move my … Continue reading

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mashdash- nike randomly pairs you up with another runner, at the end of 6 weeks.. if ur pair runs the most, ya win an all expenses paid trip to SF to take part in a nike marathon!!!! and every week … Continue reading

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back from US, and my first half marathon COMPLETED!

so it’s been abt a week since i got back from the states. it was an awesome trip, and of cos, YAY i conquered my virgin attempt at a PAID race. yes, in caps, very painful for my wallet…100bucks!! for … Continue reading

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