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X-training Wednesday! seems like the elliptical burns more than the spinner!!

did some spinning and elliptical yesterday, decided to use micoach just for fun to see how it records it! doesnt read distance for both very well haha calories wise, seems like my workout on the elliptical burnt more calories thanon … Continue reading

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30mins spins, ez curl bar

did a 30min spinning routine today: 6 mins seated flat warm up 3 mins standing turns 1 min recovery 15 secs seated sprints for 3 mins 4 mins seated flat with arm workouts learnt from spinning class! 4 mins standing … Continue reading

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26 feb 2011

tiredd today +++ no idea why, school’s not been tough rested for two whole days fro any exercise so anyway after 2hrs of ai on channel 8 (lol) dragged myself to the gym and clocked in 2hrs :) kinda a … Continue reading

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it’s the new yr!!

ok shall not spend so much time blogging alr anws, did 30mins cardio yest! for 1/1/11 went w my mom to the gym today, did pre-gymming 30mins spins! 6mins warm up 3 mins standup warmup 1min sit down warm up … Continue reading

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spins and elliptical

30mins spins, 10mins elliptical toodles & much love, d xx

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29 oct 2010 spins and weights, sumo squats! blast those inner arms and thighs!

random note of the day: best way to mop up spills- socks!! (in bid to incorporate the new lifestyle of a shiong paeds posting and exercise!!!) random fact of the day: physiological S2 split 1. Chest wall expands during inspiration 2. … Continue reading

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Spinning and workout!

Home gym today, tried a spinning routines on my own, incorporating what i learnt from spinning class to a routine i found online and modified it a lil: 30 min spinning workout: 6 mins seated flat warm up 3 mins … Continue reading

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Spinning class!

went for spinning class for the first time today! it was really good! work out to the max awesomeness went w jiayi for bodyjam after that! last wk was more fun though, cuz the instructors were gay-err lol

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