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my last run, a week ago! :(

no runs this week. but i managed to squeeze some cardio in between. this week has been extremely busy, and might i say a bit tumultuous. interesting week but draining physically and emotionally. this week i pondered about: confidence vs … Continue reading

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24th July 2010

500 jump rope skips 20 side arm lifts, 20 biceps curl, 20 triceps lift 6 roll ups, 20 crunches, 10 leg lifts, 20 bicycle crunches 20 biceps curl, 20 triceps lifts, 10 side arm lifts 20 crunches, 20 bicylce crunches

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post bcls run!

tt was yesterday’s run. i didnt run today..finally a long free night to morning!! i am so gonna sleep in! i made 2 spot dx today!!!  and i was right! :D erythema nodosum and herpes zoster opthalmicus (this one was … Continue reading

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emed day 2 freaking shagged


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2nd day at the ED..and I’m so tired it’s not even funny anymore!! :( tried to set 2 plugs today..failed :( haiz

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monkeys, cakes and a new personal best! :D

i had a really great day today! in a snippet, – a monkey came into my house today and attempted to make away with our 1 kg pack of cashew nuts! my mom used a gala pole and managed to … Continue reading

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wanted to do a longer post abt my awesome -post-eopt day but i’m super tired now. suffice to say my cg rocks! my regular log as usual.. breakfast: beef burger/sandwich lunch: awesome vegeterian food at bombay cafe (i quote keith … Continue reading

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jump rope!

mom came w me to the gym today! i got her started on nike+ipod too. i’m so excited. it’s makes running so fun i just wanna spread the love around haha anw, cos our gym only has 2 treadmills and … Continue reading

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a set back by java chip

morning was spent at starbucks with my stack of opthalmo lecture notes. unfortunately, i couldnt resist the allures of the java chip..with whipped cream! gosh..and in grande too. that’s 440 cals!

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i have awesome friends

was feeling very frustrated with opthalmo qns so i went to the gym (haha i moved my fat ass in the end!! lol) so anyway when i came back, look what i found!! hahaha omg i totally love my friends … Continue reading

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