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29 oct 2010 spins and weights, sumo squats! blast those inner arms and thighs!

random note of the day: best way to mop up spills- socks!! (in bid to incorporate the new lifestyle of a shiong paeds posting and exercise!!!) random fact of the day: physiological S2 split 1. Chest wall expands during inspiration 2. … Continue reading

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time to move my butt

but i’m too lazyyyy :( rawrs!! maybe laterrrr ———————————————- okiess so i did finally drag my butt out!! did abt 30mins in the gym until closing time. did some weights and 8 mins of spins. haha so pathetic. zomg i … Continue reading

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Spinning class!

went for spinning class for the first time today! it was really good! work out to the max awesomeness went w jiayi for bodyjam after that! last wk was more fun though, cuz the instructors were gay-err lol

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eat-a-lot monday, body pump and body combat!

today i ate a massive hell lot!! easily 3000+ calories! :S mayo chicken sandwich (double square sliced), 6half slices of pizza, 3 scoops of icecream plus topping (was gonna stop here but when i got home..i wallopped more food)- rice, … Continue reading

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cycling, squash, yoga and body jam!!

    and so…day 4 of my one week break. zomg :'( i wanna cry alr..why is my holidays ending so quickly!!! so anyway, yesterday was ‘sports day’..maxed it to the max manz. cycled to school, played squash w thengwai, … Continue reading

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tabata intervals attempt 2 and a whine

attempted to give the cardio tabata intervals another go! squat jumps high knees butt kicks burpees jumping jacks jump ropes mountain climbers hover jacks the last time round, i gg-ed at butt kicks during just the first set, so this … Continue reading

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5 Aug 2010 :D:D

:D i’m so happy! my fastest long distance run so far! when i first started running sometime in mid may, my timing was abt  40 mins for 5km, at best ; (equivalent to 7.5km in 1hr) today i achieved 9.2km … Continue reading

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4 Aug 2010

45 min hill intervals! 6.2km/h-> 8.5km/h work out set 1: 20 crunches, 20 reverse crunches, 20 bicycle crunches 20 overhead biceps lifts, 20 triceps lift, 20 deltoids lift, 20 biceps curls x2 20 squat side kicks, 20 squats, 20 forward … Continue reading

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24th July 2010

500 jump rope skips 20 side arm lifts, 20 biceps curl, 20 triceps lift 6 roll ups, 20 crunches, 10 leg lifts, 20 bicycle crunches 20 biceps curl, 20 triceps lifts, 10 side arm lifts 20 crunches, 20 bicylce crunches

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The Ultimate Boot Camp Work Out Week 1 Day 1

So I decided to start this workout today. omg so so tiring! worse than just running! plus it didnt help that my legs were so tired from standing around kk today!! was supposed to complete each circuit 3 times haha … Continue reading

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