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Finally got my Garmin!

so 2 years ago while preparing for my first halfie at the Pasadena Marathon, I wrote and pinned this to my board to motivate myself.. got my micoach shortly after completing the race while still in the US.. :P then … Continue reading

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Wednesday 9k

So collected my grad gown yesterday, drove home all alone lil emo nemo ish with Katy Perry’s ‘the one that got away’ playing in the bgd Decided to go for a long jog, to another list of emo songs. Felt … Continue reading

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Sunday 9k

Decided to try out the micoach GPS function last Sunday, so left my pacer and hrm behind I must say it plotted out my route quite beautifully! though I did lose the GPS signal abt once or twice The route:

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2011 run stats! :D

2011 run stats

2011 run stats

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LSD 23.4km!!!!! :D

So since my last entry.. I’ve been busy with circuit training at the gym and strength exercises/weights.. pretty much did away with my pacers and all..was kinda facing a doldrums kinda-perpetually tired kinda phase… so anyway, bought a new hydration … Continue reading

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9.68km 1:00:35! it’s the freakkkin weekend baby gonna have me some funn :D

http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=2893efcd-0e06-4fc6-8616-1a5b68fad2f9 havent had such a good run in a looong while!!! :D me lungs feel aweesome! cant believe half of sip is gone already!!!

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SIP WEEK 2 JOG 9.88km, 1:12:20

sip week 2 jog! or should i say…TROD haha sigh really v slow!!!!! so lousy alr :(  but aiyar nvm leisurely relaxing run…i like :P pacer died halfway, hence the workout’s been split into 2 graphs http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=33763bd1-bb56-41f7-9864-d12464c089d1 http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=25c50c80-9dc7-4680-a7b5-cb3cffd04802 okies! gonna … Continue reading

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