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nerves going a lil crazy right now! having a squash match in a few hours time a lil excited! been really a while since i had squash match of some sort!! tried to put in some training hours..but for the … Continue reading

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zomg i love squash sooooo v mucchh! played with thengwai and zhencong today, had a really good and fun time, and omg i really really love my good ol trusty racket today it hit me that i’d be so lost … Continue reading

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1hr progression run, to sg poly and back

http://www.adidas.com/com/micoach/WorkoutDetails.aspx?WID=254cf557-4bbf-442a-8238-555f1bf33208 u know ur body needs a break when micoach tells you to even “speed up to blue zone”, the lowest zone!!! think x3/week micoach training is a bit to shiong for me! or at least i shd move my … Continue reading

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squash! :) outdoor film and mcspicy double :x

squashed with thengwai and xtina at kevii today (tw’s lob services are-to-die-for!!! from being super lazy abt playing properly, it totally stirred me to WANTTT to get it!! standing there and missing all the damn nice lob services = super … Continue reading

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Saturday squash and jump start car

yest was an interesting day. arranged to meet gwyneth at school to play squash at 10am. met samantha, this fren whom i met on my turkey trip and played with her. nice game! but i really need to train more … Continue reading

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cycling, squash, yoga and body jam!!

    and so…day 4 of my one week break. zomg :'( i wanna cry alr..why is my holidays ending so quickly!!! so anyway, yesterday was ‘sports day’..maxed it to the max manz. cycled to school, played squash w thengwai, … Continue reading

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